The Autiphon Difference

One out three people choose the WRONG Hearing Aid when purchasing online. At Autiphon, we solve this problem with our wide selection of the best hearing aids online, solving different hearing problems.
Don’t know what hearing aid is right for you? Autiphon provides 4 models of adaptive hearing aids for your hearing loss.

  • Great Savings- Hearing aids can get crazy expensive. We keep our prices low so anyone can afford them, because everyone deserves to hear.

  • Powerful- Our devices are small but powerful, which means they’ll work for mild to severe hearing loss. Never miss what people are saying to you.

  • Premium Quality– Discreet, adjustable, noise reduction. Enjoy the benefits of a "high-end" hearing aid at a fraction of the cost.

  • Risk-Free Guarantee- If you don't absolutely love our devices, let us know within 45-days of receiving it and you will be reimbursed in full!

Autiphon is born to help regain sense of sound in daily conversation, watching TV, tinnitus masking, with extremely comfortable wearing.

Know Autiphon Hearing Aids
  • Robert Miller

    Like the size and the way they fit. I use them to hear people in crowds, which I could not do before. Great for TV, I no longer need the closed captions.

  • Dianna Stevenson

    Why spend $3,000 to $6000 for something that does the same as the high-priced stuff. Autiphon makes my wallet a happy camper.

  • Thomas Altee

    Fantastic product! The customer service department is wonderful. Jasmine went above and beyond and helped me get my father’s hearing aids working great!

Say Goodbye to the Era that Hearing Aids Need to Cost Thousands of Dollars

When people talk about hearing aids, they mostly refer to the brands which cost thousands of dollars with testing, audiologist service, going to the hearing clinic again and again. Be attention, this doesn’t mean that you can get better hearing assist, it means that it cost you a lot of dollars.

With the improvement of the hearing aids’ technology, and convenience about purchasing online, Autiphon provides the adaptive hearing aids for mild to moderate hearing loss people (which covers above 80%) with the most competitive price.

You don’t need to pay a lot to hear your grandchildren’s laughter, listening to your favorite music, having a pleasant conversation with your loved ones. Say goodbye to the era that hearing aids need to cost thousands of dollars, and start your new journey of wonderful sound!

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